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Pukkelpop 2018 Saturday 18/08/2018 Report

  • Published on 19 Aug 2018 - 2:41pm UTC
PKP Report dag 3 190818 EMmag

The largest underground music festival of Belgium, Pukkelpop 2018, a report of day 3.

Our day started with the come-back of Belgian DJ duo legend, Ed & Kim. Delighted to see these 2 talented DJs back, we enjoyed their well-known electro, elektro house and house DJ set. As if nothing had happened, Ed & Kim, just exploded the Boiler Room. Next on the line up was Patrice Bäumel in a back 2 back with Guy J, who opted for progressive and melodic techno. But the choice of acts on Pukkelpop is so massive, that we had to make choices and went to the mainstage for Bazart. The songs, ’Omarm Me’ and ’Goud’, turned out to be the highlights of their performance in which the keys, guitar and vocals of respectively, Oliver Symons en Simon Nuytten, remain the band’s sound. A visit to the Marquee brought us Róisin Murphy and we were catapulted back in time with hits such as ’Overpowered’, ’Bring It Back’ and ’Forever More’ combined with funky house coming from elements such as a funky guitar, percussion and a Korg Control 49.
Back to the Boiler Room for a small piece of acid and bleeps tech House of Tiga, with a fine vocal, Let’s Go Dancing.
For many young techno lovers, Nina Kraviz, at the dancehall, was thé moment on the last day of Pukkelpop and this resulted in a massive party. Although, the popular Nina, had problems with skipping needles unfortunately, but we do have to give her respect as she played vinyls. After replacing the turntable, everything went smoothly.
We saw a very small piece of Kölsch in the Boiler Room, but in the meantime the move of visitors to the mainstage was already started.
A logical move of visitors, as hip hop phenomenon from San Francisco, Kendrick Lamar, was the very last act on the mainstage of Pukkelpop 2018. Kendrick entered the stage with a t-shirt by of Oasis, Supersonic, which stole our heart immediately. With a live band, he dragged everyone at the mainstage in his “The Damn Tour” story.
The last day of Pukkelpop 2018 ended with, let us say the start, because a Michael Midnight DJ set in the Boiler Room can not be missed in the memoirs of a visit to Pukkelpop. As expected, and like the start with Ed & Kim, a powerful DJ set to end the best underground music festival in Belgium.
A successful 2018 edition of Pukkelpop. (JL)