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Flash Forward invites Laurent Garnier Ellen Allien Dominik Eulberg

  • Published on 21 Aug 2018 - 2:05pm UTC
Flash Forward 210818 EMmag

The popular concept Flash Forward, based in Charleroi, announces Laurent Garnier, Ellen Allien and Dominik Eulberg.

Flash Forward, or the popular electronic music concept in Charleroi, brings 3 techno legendes toward their event. Laurent Garnier, Ellen Allien and Dominik Eulberg are programmed on their agenda for the coming Months, next to founder and resident Fabrice Lig.
Flash Forward is enormously popular for bringing quality music and also for their location. The Rockerill, or the location, is just a beautiful and ideal setting for the Flash Forward events. You are able to find all information and tickets on the homepage of Rockerill. (JL)