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Cirao Dance Hall Reunion

  • Published on 28 Aug 2018 - 2:50pm UTC
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The Ghent based event agency, Nasty Mondyas, announces the Cirao Dance Hall Reunion on the 15th September.

Do we really need to introduce the Cirao club? Well, maybe for our youthful audience. The Cirao Dancehall Club, in Waregem, is one of the legendary clubs of Belgium that opened doors in 1994. Cirao was well known in our country but also in Europe for its special sound and wonderful atmosphere. In times of clubs such as At The Villa, Balmoral, La Rocca, the Cirao had its own stamp on the Belgian electronic music world. A mix of trance, progressive and house music made the club unique. But in addition there was also the chill out room, which ensured the softer house beats.
A large reunion will be organized by the Ghent event agency, Nasty Mondays, in Waregem Expo on the 15th September. Artists such as Phi Phi, Fred Nasen, Laurent Warin, Steve Cop, Johan, Malik B, but also the legendary Dutch female DJ 100% Isis are announced.
To experience this unique sound of the Cirao Dane Hall, we recommend that you visit Waregem Expo on Saturday the 15th September. (JL)