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Versuz club live on Topradio

  • Published on 06 Sep 2018 - 5:20pm UTC
topradio versuz 0960918

Wonderful news reached our office with the announcement of Versuz club on Topradio.

Belgium’s best dance radio, Topradio, started yesterday with the broadcastings of the best club in our country, Versuz. From Listeners of Topradio and fans of the Versuz club will be able to capture their favorite music from Wednesday till Saturday eve.
The offer is so large that we have to refer to the homepage of Topradio.
But maybe the most interesting part for all listeners is the live broadcasting of the club on Saturday eve. This live broadcasting ensures you to experience the Versuz club worldwide via the livestreaming on the homepage of Topradio.
Enjoy the music of Versuz club on Topradio. (JL)