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Rock Werchter 2019 report 30/06/2019

  • Published on 01 Jul 2019 - 2:05pm UTC
Report RW 19 day 4 010719

The 4th day on Rock Werchter 2019.

During the car ride to Rock Werchter 2019, we followed a nice interview with Underworld on Studio Brussels where they talked about the “Burgerman” or the person who was in charge of the Burger foodtruck, who closed the doors to follow the full concert of Underworld. Since then this has been a conversation among the band members and the “Burgerman” became a household name.
Through a social media post of Dj’s Zfilio & Tim G, we started the last day of Rock Werchter 2019 at the Coca Cola stage. Tracks like Lovelee Dae (Blaze) and Want You In My Sould (Lovebirds Ft. Stee Downes) resulted in a funky house atmosphere with many dancing visitors. It was just a small disappointment that the artists played behind the white fence, so visitors could not see their heroes playing. But the atmosphere at the Coca Cola stage with Zfilio & Tim G was in just 1 word, wonderful, and makes us even more wondering and hoping that the organization will add an electronic music stage at Rock Werchter 2020.
In the Barn, the Spanish Rosalia was whirling dubstep into a flamenco jacket, a sultry concert.
But the last day of Rock Werchter was dedicated to New Order and Underworld.
New Order, is an excellent live band. Some Joy Division tracks such as Transmission and as last song Love Will Tear Us Apart were flawlessly interspersed with Temptation and Blue Monday. Now, this felt like the legendary band from Manchester can definitely come back to Werchter. We closed Rock Werchter 2019 with Underworld. They started with the track Jumbo, immediately followed by 2 Months Off and later on Dark Train and Rez. But the exuberant and atmospheric moment was held to the very last moment with their big hit Born Slippy.
We will remember, a friendly and enthusiastic staff in which a pure happiness was characteristic. Or was is the beautiful weather, or sun-drenched days, as an element causing that happy feel that everyone had at Rock Werchter 2019? Electronic Music Magazine Belgium will be back next year, with perhaps and hopefully a stage that’s entirely dedicated to electronic music. (JL)