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Rock Werchter 2014 day 2 Friday 04/07/2014 report

  • Published on 05 Jul 2014 - 4:19pm UTC
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The 2nd on Rock Werchter.

Just in time for the song ‘Call It What You Want’ by Foster The People, who played their hit single ‘Pumped Up Kicks’ a bit later. A special atmospheric moment. Time had come for to relax and fraternization with Dutch and Scottish fans of Arctic Monkeys. On the road to Jack Johnson, we heard Katy B lash out with heavy drum’n bass. The surprise and discovery for a few in our group was Jack Johnson who conquered the whole Barn with cheerful and merry songs. Time had come for The Subs, who have put down a fantastic show. Ravy electro wherein ‘The Face Of The Planet’ got an extra long version. The singer could entertain the whole place with crowd surfing and a large sit-down, excellent! The day ended with Major Lazer, which was a little more calmed down after the violence of The Subs with dupstep and house. (JL)